Advanced classes in adult English

For who has good English basis,who wants to further improve the English expression ability .  all English lessons are taught by foreign teachers, VIP small class teaching for improving students' English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. In order to learn more about English usage, Master Business English, tourism English, western history, culture, etiquette and other practical English, so that you can chat with foreign friends easily.


Intermediate class for adult English

For zero basis and the basis of poor English for adults, the live-action teaching, immersive, a combination of online and offline learning mode, let students master to take traffic tools, ask for directions, shopping, bargain, ordering, airport terms, currency exchange, tax rebates and all occur to English, abroad about life, and tourism related practical oral English and phonetic symbol and grammar, let you exchange barrier free in the short term abroad .


Adult Korean intermediate class

For who with zero basis and the English foundation is poor.We invites the Korean senior language scholar to carry on the entire course teaching. Lead you to read all Korean words easily, to understand Korean culture, to enjoy the delicacy, Korea tourism, shopping.to understand Korean dramas, variety, concert. Easy fun around the country.


Wine course

The most professional international wine education institutions, the opening of the Baotou region's most professional wine training courses, understanding of foreign wine culture and wine

tasting Ceremony。


Pizza course

Understanding of the production of pizza, learning the national diet culture, authentic English point meal.


Coffee course

Tasting pure Italy coffee, understanding the history and culture of coffee.


British afternoon tea etiquette

English afternoon tea, Vitoria afternoon to resolve the secret, learn English at the same time feel the history of Western culture. Western festivals and national geographic and cultural courses: from friends all over the world, tell hometown customs, habits, let students practice to improve English communication and listening ability.

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