BT English Family is a fashion-focused, cutting-edge adult foreign language training institute, which is aiming at helping adults who have no experience of speaking or learning English. It is founded in 2013. We have successfully set up 33 classes until December 2016 with more than 1000 excellent graduates coming from different industries.And we continue to expand our teaching fields, enrich our teaching contents in order to let our students to experience the exotic culture. We are trying to create a better learning environment and atmosphere for our students while establishing our unique teaching methods.

Learn the natural English, feel the various cultures, meet the social elites and create the perfect life. These have always been our teaching principle.We are aiming to provide you with excellent and long-term learning environment,share the most efficient learning methods with you. With our own practical and real-time updated learning materials, BT English Family also create a social network for you to communicate and make new friends.We are proud to say that BT English Family, as a foreign language training institute in Baotou,has been the most efficient learning institute helping learning English in a short term.Our graduates are quite satisfied with our efforts.

Address:Baotou City, Castle Peak District, industrial and commercial union building, room 807

Tel: 0472-6100057

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